Monday, November 30, 2009

Google Wave and a Birthday!

It is the last day of November and it is official...I sucked at the blog every day thing. I was doing pretty good until the last ten days. Then I just feel apart. I'm going to blame my three kids and the holidays :). So today I got Google Wave. I've been coveting this feature for about two months and finally I have it. I watched the movie on what it can do. Ten minutes, not the 80 minute one. I was so excited to try putting it on the blog. The picture upload was awesome. I posted about ten pics in a few of me as a baby and pictures of Peach along with a quick survey to see if people thought she looked like me. Then I tried to figure out how to post it to the blog. Um it was definitely not as easy as those little wave people made it seem. I searched around a few places. Finally found what I think was reliable code and decided I just was up for the ten or so steps necessary. So now I have cute pictures of Peach and cute pictures of me, and a survey on Google Wave that only four of my friends can see. Isn't it funny when life doesn't quiet reach expectation.

On a completely unrelated note, something that surpassed expectation, Happy Birthday Dr. J! My sweet hubby is 32 year old today. I know he is going to hate this picture and the fact that I posted it but I couldn't help it. Who pulls their socks down and their pants up like that and flexes their toes on the coffee table. It was just too five years old to me. He was probably checking basketball scores as well. Pretty much my whole adult life has been spent with this man. I love him! Eight years ago on this night I took him out for Italian and sealed my fate with a kiss. I guess the lesson is if a man ask you for a birthday kiss you had better be sure you are prepared to be all in before you give it. He has given me three great kids and a life that I love. He has given me the security I desperately wanted as a kid. He keeps me on my toes and busy. Here is to a great 32 years! I love you honey!!!

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jennybhill said...

I love pictures showing quirks. The cute quirks anyway.