Friday, November 13, 2009

Rated T for Toddler

I have a son who loves rap/rock music. Even as a fetus in the womb he would get especially active during the weekly top 40. This recently came to a head when he found an old radio alarm clock. He thought it was so fun that he could change the stations. Dr. J and I didn't mind for about two minutes but then we walked upstairs and heard the word erection crackling on the weak little speakers. That was it. The radio alarm clock had to disappear. I felt sort of bad for the kid. He just wanted to listen to some music and I'll admit lots of stuff has great beats. Not everyone wants to listen to five little speckled frogs every day. It made me wish that musicians would drop records with a T version, as in rated T for Toddler, sort of in the way they have the "clean versions" and the adult only versions. I saw this Jay Leno and thought, hey maybe I should petition Jamie to lead the way. I also had to grab Dr. J's favorite, Baby Got Bible.

more about "Jamie Foxx Performis "Blame It On The...", posted with vodpod

*Big E also loves classical. He definitely has varied taste.
**This is my Saturday Post an hour and half early. I'm just going to have to deal :)

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