Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Walk

In the summer we enjoy walking after church. With our one o'clock church time and winter there really isn't enough light left to do much walking after church. Today we decided to walk the 1.75 miles to church. It was fun. Partly because we have a heavy duty stroller that can handle such urban jaunts with ease. Thanks to our Mountain Buggy's air filled tires, pushing two little girls is no problem. Even with the extra weight of their older brother (he jumped on when he got bored with walking) the handling was still a breeze. We left at 12:15 and got to church with plenty of time for copy making and a bathroom break. The walk home was even more enjoyable because mom wasn't worried about time. The girls slept, E had an adventure, and the parents felt good. Normally after dinner on Sunday I have this horrible post dinner slump where we get really tired. Not so today, lots of energy left. I wish we could walk every Sunday.

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