Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CSA - Week Seven

1 pint new potatoes
2 onions
2 garlic cloves
1 long green pepper
1 yellow pepper
18 black rasberries or blackberries. I can't tell. They are red and black. I suspect they might be under ripe blackberries because they are a little bitter.
2 cherry tomatoes
1 apple
1 zucchini
1 bunch of weeds

Now I know some of you probably think I'm kidding about the weeds. I'm not. When we opened up the bag Jason said, "Hey that is the weed that grows in our backyard." I told him he was full of HUD. Then this morning I went picking blueberries with a friend who also does the share and gets e-mails from Farmer Bob. I apparently never signed up for that. Anyway they really are weeds. He said he likes to throw them in there once a summer to let people know they are edible. I just want to say that I've decided just because you eat something and don't die that does not make it edible.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Diaper Deal and More

Easy Saver Catalog and the coupon on page 17.

This week Walgreens is having an awesome diaper deal. You go in and pick up three packs JUMBO packs of their comfort stretch diapers, premium comfort stretch diapers, or comfort stretch training pants. You use the five dollar off coupon from the Easy Saver catalog this month (pick it up at the front of your store). It is at the bottom of page 17. It says Save $5 on two. You pay your money and get a $5 register reward to spend as you wish. Here is the break down.

3 pack of diapers at 5.99 = 17.97
coupon takes 2.50 off per pack so = 17.97 - (2.50x3) = 10.47 plus tax
Then you get five dollars in register rewards. So basically three packs of diapers for 6.50.

I've been getting the premium packs in a size four and those end up being about seven cents a diaper. The only thing is you can only get one register reward at a time so you have to buy them in groups of three. Also if you use your five dollar register reward from the diaper deal to buy more diapers you won't get another reward.

Walgreens also has some great deals on school supplies this week. Using coupons out of their weekly mailer that you can pick up at the store you can get five packs of Bic highlighters for 39 cents, five packs of paper mate mechanical pencils for 5 cents, Crayola markers for a two dollars (you can submit for a two dollar back rebate on these in the easy saver catalog), and a two pack of G2 pens for a dollar (these also have a one dollar rebate on them).

CVS has physician formula organic wear for buy ten get five dollars in ECBs (basically money you can spend in the store). I had a coupon for six dollars off bronzer. It was 11.99, I used the six dollar coupon, and then got five ECBs. They also have Trident Extra Care gum for buy one get one free. They are 1.49. For each two you buy you get 1 ECB up to five. That makes them about 25 cents a pack. Some people have coupons for these that sweeten the deal even further. I also used another two Johnson buddy coupons to get four more free bars of buddy soap. The soap is only 99 cents a pack so the two dollar off two coupon has to be adjusted down.

Finally Target has started clearancing out their value packs. If you have coupons for Oil of Olay, Secret Deodorant, Ziploc bags, Stayfree, dial soap, degree, old spice, suave , etc. you might want to stop by. Even without the coupons you can get a three pack of deodorant for four bucks or a six pack of soap bars and body wash for 3.82.

Friday, July 18, 2008

CSA - Week Seven

This week we got:
1 bunch of beets-still thinking about making that soup
1lb of apples
2 onions
1 pint new potatoes
1/2lbs salad mix

Target Clearence

I found these cute shoes clearenced at Target. The kids shoes were all under three dollars and the brown shoes I bought for myself were five. I generally stick to garage sales for kids clothes but if I can get the shoes new I prefer it. The kiddoes are just stinky feet kids. I prefer only having to deal with their stink :) Plus they both need leather tennis if I can find them clearenced it is all the better for me. I got the pens for free using a coupon off It was 1 dollar off two bic stationary products. The pens were 50 cents this week.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CSA - Week Six

This week was the best week ever. I sort of feel like each week from now on I'm going to say that. It is just easier to be excited when your food production starts to happen. We got:
2lbs salad mix
2 onions
1 clove of garlic
1 pint of new potatoes
1 pint gooseberries
Six beets

I made pesto again, we ate a lot of salad, and we used the potatoes in a meat and potato dish on pita bread. YUM! I haven't decided what to do with the beets. I'm thinking borshe (sp)?

A Study In Lighting

Any outfit is a good outfit for pearls

Thursday, July 3, 2008

CSA - Week Five

This week I was suppose to do CSA pick up but my friend Jenny volunteered to do it that I think about it I think it may have been a self preservation measure. Everyone else in our group had sick kids...well regardless I really appreciated it. Personally this is my favorite week so far. We got.

1/2 pint of black rasberries
1/4 pound of yummy/not bitter salad mix
2 oinions
1 nice sprig of basil

I was very excited about the basil since earlier last week I went to a talent show where a perfect grill cheese sandwich was created using pesto.

I decided that it was time to try my own hand at pesto making.

Two cups of fresh basil.

1/3 cup of pine nuts.

1/2 cup of parmesan cheese
1/3 cup of olive oil
Blend in the food processor and perfect pesto! Delicious. I spread it on two slices of bread, added ham, mozzarella cheese and put in on my George Formen Grill. Two minutes later the best sandwich ever. At least that is what my husband said after he got home starving :)

Free Buddie Bars

Here is a printable coupon for 2.00 off Any 2 Johnson's Buddies Products. The buddie bars are a dollar a piece at Meijer, Wal-Mart, or Target. Backspace to print it twice and get four free bars of soap. (I had to print it in Internet Explorer). My kids love these bars. When I first saw them I thought they were ridiculous but the kids really enjoy the weird little green bag around them. It is easier for them to hold. I printed this coupon off about a month ago so even if you have printed it off recently you might want to try it again. I think it has been reset.

Glamour Bag

A couple of months ago I sent away from a free bag with summer items from Glamour. The catch was you had to buy certain products from CVS and send in proof of purchase. I bought some spray on sunscreen that I have loved and sent in the form. Then I heard some bad news. A coupon board that I belong to started posting that they were only sending out 500 of the bags and that they had gotten way more entries then that. I knew I hadn't sent mine in on the first day, the first week yes, but not the first day. I thought I wasn't going to be one of the lucky people that got one. Today though when I got home from a play date there was a package on my door. My son and I opened it up and EUREKA! Can I just say I LOVE CVS!