Saturday, February 28, 2009

Great Huggies Coupons

Find some great Huggies coupons on today. Save $5.00 on 1 Huggies Gentle Care Product and Save $3.00 on 1 Huggies Natural Fit Product. If you save them until the week of 3/8-14 you can use them for even better savings at Walgreens. That week Walgreens will have Huggies Diapers on for 10 dollars a pack, buy $25.00 in Huggies products and get a $10.00 rr. That means that if you buys two packs of Gental Care diapers, and a six dollar pack of wipes you can use two coupons, spend $16.00 and get a $10.00 RR to spend in the store. That's like getting two packs of diapers and some wipes for 6 dollars. If you have coupons for the wipes the deal gets even sweeter.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hobby Lobby Home Accents 80% Off

I was at Hobby Lobby today picking up one of our Egyptian Papyrus paintings that we got framed. I noticed that they had two aisles of home accents 80% off, you know all the fancy house decorating stuff that is always way to expensive. Well today some of it was actually in my price range. Not that I was looking to spend...after dropping a huge load on the framing job. Thank goodness for Christmas money. Thanks to loving grandmas and grandpas, moms and dads we were able to frame that sucker. It only was like thirty times the actual price of the papyrus. Shesh :)

Cheap USB Drives

Next week target will have 1 GB USB drives for 6.99, with a buy 2 get a $5 gift card. I realize that 1 GB is starting to get obsolete but it is still a great price :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So Lucky

My friend posted this video on her blog today. The timing was so on. Just the night before I'd been hugging the kids telling them how lucky we were. How lucky I was as a mother to be able to put kids in clean warm beds every night, children that had full bellies. Dr. J and I talk about these types of things all the time. How do you fix a world where things like these happen? This is why he studies.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Activities

For Valentine's Day we made cookies for all of little E's friends using this great sugar cookie recipe my sister gave me. I normally hate sugar cookies but these ones I will eat. They puff up really nice and cook so fast.

Here is the recipe for the sugar cookies:
2 C. Sugar
4 Cubes margarine or butter
6 eggs
4 tsp. vanilla
7 C. Flour
6 tsp. baking powder

Cream sugar, margarine and eggs. Add vanilla. Sift flour and baking
powder together and add to creamed mixture. Makes a sticky dough.
Roll out 1/4 in thick in lots of flour. Cut out and place on cookie

Bake at 375 for 4-6 minutes. Bake on 2nd shelf. If cookies are brown
on they bottom they are overdone.

I also made some glass crafts for some of the girls I see three our four times a week, plus the people I visit teach. Basically you just decoupage cool paper on the bottom of glass products. I happened to be doing candle holders I got at the dollar store. Very fun. Finally I've included a picture of our "fancy Valentine's Day dinner" and the flowers I bought myself that pretty much represent why my husband loves me so much. Saturday I went out to get shrimp for our dinner and while I was at Aldi's I saw these beautiful roses, 6 for 3.99. I contemplated it for about two seconds and then bought two packs. When I got home I said, "Look honey I hope you don't mind but these roses were an awesome price so I bought my own Valentine's Day flowers. My hubby got a good laugh out of that while he so nicely arranged the roses in a vase. I said, "I know I should have let you do it but I figured hey the price is good, and it is all your money, that I spend, so I hope you don't mind." So I sort of spoiled the suprise of him bringing them home himself but I made the man happy because I bought what he was going to, for less then half the price ;)

22 Week Belly

Little E brought this family picture home from primary a couple weeks ago. It has dad with his glasses, Grace with her little tiny body, and mom with her big belly :) I'm pretty sure my belly isn't that big yet but you can judge for yourself. Check out the new 22 week pregnant belly. It amazes me at how much bigger 22 weeks looks this time around. I AM HUGE! By the way what do you think of my skirt? I picked that up a consignment store this week. It still had the tags on it. I paid $5.00. There are some things I love about my town!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


What can you do when you need a drink and mom won't respond fast enough. Well if you are little G you just shimmy up the sink and get one yourself. Who needs a stool, a cup, or a few extra inches in height?