Friday, January 30, 2009

School...The Mixed Bag!

While I'm grateful for the extra time preschool gives me and the help little E gets with his social skills one cannot really be prepared for the new vocab that will be learned. Today little E got busted for yelling at little G, "Shut up butt head." I knew it was going to come eventually since I did my share of yelling the exact same phrase at little J, little A, little F, little D, and little DD, but just because you know it will eventually happen does not necessarily prepare you for it's actual occurrence.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It is a ....

Healthy Baby!
We resisted and still don't know the gender. Little E says it is a girl. I asked why and he said, "I don't know it just is." I'm pretty sure it is a boy. We will let you know in June. Our due date popped out exactly the same so if all goes according to plan this little one will appear on Father's Day this year. I think that will excuse me from having to make a dinner or buy any gifts :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cheating Wife or Cheating Husband?

I had this really vivid dream two nights ago that I was dating a basketball player from our college at the same time I was married to my husband. Oddly enough instead of being outraged at the situation it was something my husband had encouraged so that he could have good tidbits to post on the college hoops blog he frequents at least twice a day. When I woke up I told Dr. J all about the dream and then I started laughing so hard. I said, "You know sweetie, this dream wasn't really about me being a cheater. It was about how much you love sports blogging." Dr. J had to laugh as well because the man knows it is true :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Almost 19 Weeks

House is clean.
Kids are healthy.
Belly is huge.
Not bad for 18 weeks.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Has Me Flamming Mad

Last night on a whim I watched the news and that is where I heard about this new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act that will be going in to affect Feb 10th. I was in shock. Up until yesterday I hadn't heard a word about it. This broadly written law that is suppose to protect kids from possible lead poisoning is being used to close down kid consignment stores, small business, ebay selling of kids clothing, and garage sales unless they have all their goods tested for lead. What I want to know is as a consumer is there really anything to worry about between a pair of gap pants made after Feb 10th and a pair made two years ago? All I see is the $29 price difference that I won't be able to make up. If you want to know more you can check out this site. They have a countdown, current news stories, ways to contact congress, and how the law will affect different businesses. Can you serioulsy imagine if all this good stuff just had to go into the trash. It makes me sick to think we are such a wasteful society, especially in a time when people are so strapped for cash they can use all the help they can get.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Married a Boy

For the most part my husband is studious, hard working, and steady but there are times that I realize that underneath that five o'clock shadow I really am married to just a boy. At no time is this more evident then when we are with family. One of the days we were on vacation we went to Dr. J's dad's to enjoy the 4 wheeler in the snow. His dad lives in Payson where while four wheeling on city streets is illegal, it is rarely enforced. First Dr. J took little E out. That trip lasted about five minutes. E had fun but it was freezing and with the added wind chill of the moving vehicle it was just too much for his no body fat self. They came home. Then Dr. J called me out. "Come on honey, come ride with me." "No," I yelled back, "I only brought my pea coat." "Come on sweetie, I'll keep you warm." Which is basically his way of saying, "I like it when you grab onto me because you are cold or scared." "No, it scares me." I yell back. "I promise not to do any jumps," he calls back. And so I was out the door, fourteen weeks pregnant, in a borrowed coat with no hood, clinging to the back of my man child husband as we roared down streets covered in a good four inches of packed down snow and ice. We went to the church parking lot that still had a good foot of white powder where Dr. J did figure eights, tight circles, and spun us all over the lot at "top" speed (top speed for me...I was scared out of my wits), while I clung on and screamed in his ear, "My butt is falling off the seat," and tried to tip the right directions when we were speeding around curves. Then he idoled and asked me if I wanted a turn. And so against better judgement I drove the four wheeler around the lot, and yelled things like, "How do I stop," and "Holy crap I'm going to hit that bank." It took me forever to get turning right. Hello when you don't like speeds, speeding with a sharp curve isn't going to make you feel better but soon I felt confident driving us around the lot and while my fingers and toes were frozen I have to admit I had a smile on my face. Sometimes it isn't so bad being married to a man child :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Basketball Blowout

I'm hoping if I write about this I will be able to just let it go. Seeing as tomorrow is the first Sunday of the new year, today I had to go to the church and change the bulletin board in the primary room to reflect the theme of the new year. Dr. J and the kids came along for moral support. When we got there we realized the parking lot was fairly full. It turned out there was a basketball game going on for boys. I'm not sure how old they were. They looked ten to me which means they were probably at least twelve. Shortly after arriving little E grew bored and wanted to watch the basketball game. Dr. J took him and I finished putting up the board. I then went out into the hall to put my leftover supplies in the closet and try and find the manuals I'd need to pass out in the morning. While standing on a chair in front of the closet Dr. J and little E came out to get a drink, along with two members of one of the teams (apparently the team that was getting beat down, Dr. J just told me the score was 23:1 after twenty minutes of play and they had only shot the ball four times). Dr. J said to the boys, "you should keep your hands up." Then he and little E went off. About two seconds later one of the moms came out to talk to the boys. The boys said, "There was this guy, one of the dad's from the other team with a hat on and he told us we sucked and that we should keep our hands up." Then the mom said, "How rude. You guys are playing really hard....and so forth." So then I went in to get the kids and Dr. J and told him he had caused quite a fiasco. Next thing I know some other mom comes in and says, "Come here." to Dr. J. Then she goes on about how she is livid that he would upset the boys and that one wasn't a member and the mom wasn't a member and how could a member do this. And Dr. J says, "I just told them to put their arms up because it would help." And the mom says, "Well you shouldn't have said anything and they have coaches to do that. They are really upset." And Dr. J says, "Well of course they are upset they are getting creamed." And it kind of went on like this for awhile until I finally had to come over because the whole thing was ridiculous and I told her, "You know he made one comment trying to be helpful and he did not tell them they sucked and their is a little overreacting here." And then there was a "Well I know I didn't hear it but I'm just ashamed you are member," kind of deal. Honestly the whole thing was ridiculous. I can't decide who I'm grouchier at 1) My husband who started the whole thing. I mean honestly I realize he was trying to be helpful but he doesn't know the kids, they don't know him and how often is helpfulness taken the wrong way or 2) The kids who overreacted or 3) The moms who instead of saying, "Maybe that is a good idea." or "Hey guys that was rude but let's get back to the game." or "Whatever" felt it was their duty to come and throw out the "I'm ashamed to be a member with you." The irony of course is that little E ran away and I did four rounds searching the church for him and more then once heard the coach yell "Brody gets your arms up."