Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Married a Boy

For the most part my husband is studious, hard working, and steady but there are times that I realize that underneath that five o'clock shadow I really am married to just a boy. At no time is this more evident then when we are with family. One of the days we were on vacation we went to Dr. J's dad's to enjoy the 4 wheeler in the snow. His dad lives in Payson where while four wheeling on city streets is illegal, it is rarely enforced. First Dr. J took little E out. That trip lasted about five minutes. E had fun but it was freezing and with the added wind chill of the moving vehicle it was just too much for his no body fat self. They came home. Then Dr. J called me out. "Come on honey, come ride with me." "No," I yelled back, "I only brought my pea coat." "Come on sweetie, I'll keep you warm." Which is basically his way of saying, "I like it when you grab onto me because you are cold or scared." "No, it scares me." I yell back. "I promise not to do any jumps," he calls back. And so I was out the door, fourteen weeks pregnant, in a borrowed coat with no hood, clinging to the back of my man child husband as we roared down streets covered in a good four inches of packed down snow and ice. We went to the church parking lot that still had a good foot of white powder where Dr. J did figure eights, tight circles, and spun us all over the lot at "top" speed (top speed for me...I was scared out of my wits), while I clung on and screamed in his ear, "My butt is falling off the seat," and tried to tip the right directions when we were speeding around curves. Then he idoled and asked me if I wanted a turn. And so against better judgement I drove the four wheeler around the lot, and yelled things like, "How do I stop," and "Holy crap I'm going to hit that bank." It took me forever to get turning right. Hello when you don't like speeds, speeding with a sharp curve isn't going to make you feel better but soon I felt confident driving us around the lot and while my fingers and toes were frozen I have to admit I had a smile on my face. Sometimes it isn't so bad being married to a man child :)

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Jason said...

Hey all...

I remember having dinner at K's aunt and uncle's house once. Uncle hadn't done something quite right in helping get dinner ready and as he went from the porch (where we were eating) back into the house, Aunt put her hands on her hips and grumped "MEN!". Without thinking, I immediately responded, "Yeah, no kidding. Glad I'm just a boy..."

Congratulations on the upcoming addition to the fam!