Thursday, July 3, 2008

CSA - Week Five

This week I was suppose to do CSA pick up but my friend Jenny volunteered to do it that I think about it I think it may have been a self preservation measure. Everyone else in our group had sick kids...well regardless I really appreciated it. Personally this is my favorite week so far. We got.

1/2 pint of black rasberries
1/4 pound of yummy/not bitter salad mix
2 oinions
1 nice sprig of basil

I was very excited about the basil since earlier last week I went to a talent show where a perfect grill cheese sandwich was created using pesto.

I decided that it was time to try my own hand at pesto making.

Two cups of fresh basil.

1/3 cup of pine nuts.

1/2 cup of parmesan cheese
1/3 cup of olive oil
Blend in the food processor and perfect pesto! Delicious. I spread it on two slices of bread, added ham, mozzarella cheese and put in on my George Formen Grill. Two minutes later the best sandwich ever. At least that is what my husband said after he got home starving :)

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Jackie said...

Wow, we must be in cahoots because I made some pesto today too! I'll have to try your sandwich with it though. And if you ever get enough of those black raspberries make some jam/jelly - someone made some and gave some to us and it was the best jelly I've ever had.