Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CSA - Week Six

This week was the best week ever. I sort of feel like each week from now on I'm going to say that. It is just easier to be excited when your food production starts to happen. We got:
2lbs salad mix
2 onions
1 clove of garlic
1 pint of new potatoes
1 pint gooseberries
Six beets

I made pesto again, we ate a lot of salad, and we used the potatoes in a meat and potato dish on pita bread. YUM! I haven't decided what to do with the beets. I'm thinking borshe (sp)?


Bridget said...

Really, is there anything you can do with beets besides borscht?

New potatoes sound great.

Bleen said...

I have a great borscht recipe if you are in the market.

jennybhill said...

Borscht is so delicious! Do it! My cousin went on a mission to Poland and this is one of my favorite dishes she learned to cook.