Thursday, November 5, 2009

Night Out and two veggie dishes

Some girlfriends and I went out tonight...WHAT A BLESSING! I was starting to just feel a little worn down. It is amazing how great it feels to eat a meal you didn't cook, and then to leave the dishes on the table knowing you don't have to worry about the pans. An awesome feeling. Thanks girls, and to hubbies that watched kids and made it possible!!!

We at at this local restaurant most of us love. They have a good variety of pretty much everything and because they are on the more liberal side of the two towns they have quiet a bit of vegetarian fare. I'm not saying liberal = vegetarian but we have noticed that people that identify with the title of liberal often enjoy local places that sell local fare...often with lots of veggies :) This is not a hard fast rule. Anyway my friend Erica and I shared two veggie meals (these were not vegan).

The first was roasted artichokes on a whole wheat bagel.

On whole wheat bagel, open faced. Cover with roasted artichoke hearts. Add a chopped olives and grated carots. Place a slice of cheese on top and roast until cheese is nice and melted. DELICIOUS!

The second was a pesto pita. Why have I never thought to do this. We eat pitas and pesto almost every week...just not together.

Take a pita. Spread pesto on it. Put down some Swiss cheese. Toast. Cover with chopped tomatoes, lettuces and a little bit of red onion. Also supremely delicious.

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Bleen said...

Agreed on the good timing. I was just telling S that I needed to have some girl time. I'm so glad you guys are more spontaneous than me.