Monday, November 9, 2009

Sleep Issues

Why is it so hard to remember to write every night? Shesh, I'm definitely lousy at this challenge. Well forgive and forget let's move on. Every night is the same. My five year old son insist he is not tired. We get him ready and he lays in bed saying, "Mom I can't fall asleep." "Mom, I'm not tired." "Mom are you watching anything on TV." This goes on for at least a half hour. Every morning though the story is the opposite. "Mom I'm to tired to get up." "Mom I'm to tired to get dressed." "Mom I'm cold and tired." When you have three kids to get ready before carpool it can be maddening. I got an alarm clock for his room that has a beep that speeds up until you turn it off. He now jumps out of bed, turns it off and jumps back in. How do I get him to go to bed so he can wake up when he is suppose to?

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Bridget said...

Let me know when you find out. But Miriam actually wakes up just fine. She's just tired and cranky all day from not going to bed on time (no fault of ours).