Sunday, November 1, 2009

Coolest House On The Block

Four words: Full Sized Candy Bars
I was standing in Sam's looking at my Halloween candy choices. There were bags of fun sized bars. I think a bag of 120 was close to ten bucks. An aisle over I could get a box of thirty full sized candy bars for 11. I contemplated the decision for all of about thirty seconds and then grabbed the box. When I came home Dr. J (the can't be an insult if the term is self bestowed) asked me if I was nuts. No honey I told him, "I just want to be the coolest house on the block." It was worth it. While Dr. J took Little E and G bear around in the wagon, I waited for unsuspecting tricksters. They would walk up to my door, admire my four awesome holiday pumpkins, and then ring the bell, giggling with anticipation. I'd open the door to a chorus of "Trick or treat". Then they would see the bucket. "Oh my gosh! You're awesome. Mom, dad they have full sized bars." the older ones would yell. The little ones would just get big eyes and gulp. There were a few set backs. At one point after Dr. J was back, I heard him tell one quick little trick-or-treater to please put the second, third, and fourth bar he'd grabbed back, but overall it was a huge success. At one point after a particularly grateful crowd went through little E excited yelled, "It is a contest to pass out the most candy and we are winning!" Had I bought the fun sized bars I probably would have tossed three or four in each kids bag and the end results of sugar and calories would have been the same but something about seeing those large bars just captured the imagination. I guess I just love adoration and am willing to buy it...with full sized candy bar love :)

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