Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bad Dreams

Little E occasionally has bad dreams. It isn't often but the child is prone to anxiety (like his mama) so it occupies a lot of his thoughts before he goes to bed. Every goodnight prayer has to include, please help me not have bad dreams. He has also started a ritual where he wants to talk out ideas for potential dreams. "Mom give me some dream ideas," he ask from his top bunk. Okay I say, "How about you dream about going to party and all the games you would play there." "No mom, that is too complicated." "Alright how about you dream about playing with your sister." "No," he yells. Apparently he gets enough of that at home. "OK what about being WALL-E flying around in space with EVA." "Yes," he says with a big smile, "That is a good one."

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Bridget said...

Cute. I have to do that sometimes with Miriam. I'll have to remember that idea.