Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I took Little E to the dentist today. When we walked up to the doors E said, "I'm feeling a little nervous. This is a new place. Also do they have prizes here?" I reassured him it would be fine and there would be prizes. The hygienist was great. She let E try out all her tools. He actually shot her and the window with the sprayer. Nice. They had sun glasses to keep the light out of his eyes. Really a brilliant idea. I'm thinking about bringing some to my appointment on Thursday. She let him pick what flavor of toothpaste he wanted. When he picked grape she said, "Wow grape is my favorite too." I'm sure any flavor picked gets that response but you should have seen him smile. He was putty in her hands after that. As for the fluoride treatment, she painted it on with a tiny little brush, after she told him she was painting vitamins on. Totally painless. It maybe me think back to the misery of swishing when I was a kid. My mouth would start salivating immediately and by the time the dentist would come in to tell me I could spit, I looked like a frothing rabid chipmunk. Really this way is much better. When the dentist came in I had a stutter moment. I'd met a dentist in the lobby. He was an older, balding, Indian guy with buggy eyes. Our dentist meanwhile looks like some character off a CW show. He was young, unmarried, good looking. I thought about mentioning I had single sisters. It wouldn't hurt to have a dentist in the family. The best part of the appointment, new toothbrushes, flossers, sand timers, and prizes. G bear scored double, no appointment but they let her have all the booty :)

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