Thursday, November 19, 2009

Morning Games

I'm part of a carpool for drop up and pick up of little E from school. One week I do both, the next week my friend Erika does both. On the weeks she is driving, the girls and I stay in pjs and I only have to get E out the door. On the good days it gives us a few minutes between when she gets here and when he finishes breakfast. I try to utilize this time in thinking games close to the door so he will be ready to walk very slowly out when she gets here (seriously he practically crawls like a snail). We play eye spy or rhyming games. Now that it is getting colder we've started writing words on the foggy window. He loves it. We take turns. I write a word I know he can sound out. Then he writes one of the sight words he has memorized, or a number. It helps him with letter recognition, writing, sounding out...all and all it is a fabulous game. Plus we can see Erika the second she gets to the our door :)

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