Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon, Opening Day

Last night my sweetie watched our kids and I went with seven girlfriends to see the nine o'clock showing of New Moon. Personally I think it was quiet the sacrifice he made, but I saw my friend Sara and her hubby coming out of the seven o'clock show, and I'd like to say I think Larry made an even greater one :) It was fun to be out with the girls. The group ran the spectrum from Jenny who had not seen the first movie or read a single book, to me who hated the two books I read but liked the movie, to April who not only was planning on crying in the movie but was also proudly wearing a "Team Edward" shirt specially designed by her baby brother and varying layers of fans between. Here were my feelings on the movie.
  • I still hate Bella. She is intolerable. I think if you can relate to her in some way that makes her more enjoyable. I can't. She watches a whole group of people go to their deaths and doesn't say a word. It kind of makes the whole in love with a vampire thing just not worth it. This is nothing against Kristen Stewart, just the character of Bella. I think Kristen is adorable in a sort of brooding, chew on your lower lip kind of way. She really is cute. It did my heart good to see she wasn't quiet as cute when she comes out of the ocean wet. People should only be allowed a certain amount of cuteness to be fair to the rest of us.
  • The special effects were slightly better than the first movie but still left a lot to be desired. Why not hire the guys who did Benjamin Button. If you've seen what they do to Brad Pit in that movie you'd agree.
  • The relationship with Charlie was weird. Last movie Bella's dad was so awkward...which fit well with a relationship where the daughter hasn't been around for years. Now this movie he is a loving, caring, good joking guy. His character is extremely likable, which was just a fast jump for me.
  • There was a lot of cheese. The guy sitting next to me would literally choke when it got a little heavy and most of the time I had to agree. At one point most of the audience actually laughed/groaned out because it was just so silly. If you've seen the movie think a dress, a vest, and running. I guess though it is to be expected and if you like the books it surely will not bother you.
  • Personally for me the most romantic moment in the whole movie came with the wrong guy. Anytime someone is telling you they love you in another language...well I'm sorry that is just dreamy. He might just be seventeen but if I had to pick a t-shirt mine would say "Team Jacob".
  • Finally this isn't a problem with the movie so much as it is a problem with the books, but what is the deal with the vampires and the werewolves hating each other so much? I mean come on, you're both supernatural, which makes you way more cool then humans. Why not hang out instead of having this little brawls. It is just a little to west side story for me :)
So that's my listed, and I figured I'd unload it so maybe I could think about something else today :) I totally had fun with the girls though. I love my hubby for watching my kids, and yes I probably will go to the next movie.

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jennybhill said...

Hey! I found someone else in the world who had the same
(in)experience I did with Twilight, and still saw the movie. You can check out her resopnse if you want:

Unlike her conclusion, I would say that overall I enjoyed the movie. Like you, I was really disturbed by that last scene in Italy as they live and that tour group walks in.