Monday, November 2, 2009

Public Broadcasting Service

I love much so that when the TV signal went digital and our converter box wouldn't work well enough to pick it up I insisted we get basic cable. So now we spend nine dollars a month to watch "free TV". It is totally worth it. What I love:

Sesame Street-I watched this show as a child. Now my children love it. ELMO drives me nuts. That little voice is so annoying but everything else is great. Murry Had A Little Lamb cracks me up every time.

Word Girl-Teaches awesome vocabulary.

The Electric Company-Both my kids love this show. A lot of language art skills are still above their pay grade but it amazing what they pick up. The story lines are silly but tolerable for parents and I love seeing the different ways they introduce topics.

Masterpiece Theater - Um everything. I love everything. To many jewels to mention. The same goes for it's sister series Mystery. Many of these productions were produced in England and they are of English works. I love English writers, especially mystery so this is a treat for me. BBC produces many of them. Who doesn't love BBC for their news. Just one more reason PBS is the best. Dr. Who is another personal favorite. Do we see a trend emerging. I tried to tell Dr. J we need to spend some time in England. He doesn't get it. I might be obsessed.

Nature is awesome. Last night we were watching a special on babies...mama lions trying to prevent their babies from being killed by the new king of their group. It was intense. I could go on and on. But I think I've made my point :)

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Aislin said...

I'm also a serious fan of the NewsHour and Washington Week. I don't like any other news station. Only PBS for us!