Tuesday, December 1, 2009

McDonalds and How I enjoy my Pad Thai

One weekend last winter some girlfriends and I meet at the McDonald's to enjoy some kid socializing time. One girl had grabbed Pad Thai on the way to keep us from having to ingest and mc nastiness. As our kids were eating nuggets and playing in over sized tubes we enjoyed chicken and beef deliciousness with a squirt of lime. About twenty minutes into the meal a manager came up and told us that we could not eat outside food in the restaurant. I happened to be in the bathroom with Grace at the time but the memory still grates on me. There is no way I would have gone had I thought I'd be stuck eating a mcflurry. This perfectly highlights the battle I am constant in with my kids. They have the taste bus of well...kids, and picky kids to be sure. Although I have been hoisting veggies on him since six months of life, my son is a sworn meatatarian. He has no interest in vegetables, and only gets fiber in the fruit I force him to eat and the whole grains I sneak into his bread and cereal. My daughter on the other hand will eat salad and loves cucumbers but still would prefer to get about half her daily calories from milk, which has forced us to start adding fortification to her milk in an attempt to keep her from getting vitamin deficient. Last night we wanted to go out to celebrate hubbies birthday. This time we got McDonalds to go and headed over to the Golden Wok, my current favorite Tai place. They appear to have no problem with the McDonald I haul in, although we did get a weird look from the one other white couple in the joint. While the kids were eating nuggets and fries, Dr. J and I feasted on pad thai and coconut curry chicken. Delicious!

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jennybhill said...

But what if there was McPad Thai? Now doesn't that sound scrumptious?