Saturday, February 2, 2008

Time Capsule

I just opened what I guess you could call a time capsule. This year #1 has moved into sunbeams*. The primary president asked all the children, including the little guys, to bring scriptures each Sunday. I gave #1 my old seminary/college scriptures to take with him. He loves taking them but I've noticed that he often gets distracted during sharing time by the little pieces of paper that litter the books. Tonight I decided that before he takes them again I would spend some time cleaning them out. It was like jumping back seven years. I had tons of programs covered in script of notes from lessons I thought were important, handouts from six to twelve years ago, old book marks, an earing back and three shell fragments. Where did they come from and why was I holding onto them? The most fun to read though were the little notes I'd written with my friends during church. Here are some examples:

Travis I'll pay you $5 to trade you seats next Sunday! Who is this Travis and why did I so desperately want his seat that I would be willing to fork over a happy meals worth of money to have it?

Noah has a woman. He's a weirdo! Again who is this person and I why did I think he was so odd? Did he deserve my abuse or was I just being a jerk? Probably I was just being a jerk.

Written in my hand. That is Mandy Wright, the girl we are trying to get Jake to ask out. Return Missionary, so sweet, so friendly, so cute. PERFECT! Written in a roommates hand. She's really Cute! How does Rachel feel about that? Well seeing as this particular Jake is married to cute Bev and this particular Rachel is quite happily now a Lufkins I guess it didn't matter if he asked Mandy out or not and Rachel didn't mind one bit. Oh college match making. I just hope Mandy fared as well as these four did :)

This one makes me laugh. The 1st counselor has been playing with his palm pilot for 35 minutes. What could he possibly be doing? Do you remember when palm pilots first came out and people were constantly on them? I particularly loved how they had a scripture download so no one could really tell if you were skimming through the Book of Mormon or if you had a game of solitaire going.

And here was my all time favorite: SHANE PARRY YOU ARE BAD! I don't know what happened to Shane. I haven't heard from him in over five years, but if by some chance he should ever happen upon this post Shane Parry you really probably were being naughty but thanks for keeping us all so entertained! We all loved you so much!

So now I will gather up all these notes, along with the others that weren't worth publishing, and the old seminary bookmarks, and the old Sunday school notes, and the back of that earing and I will throw them away. I'm keeping the shells though. They must have meant something important :)

* For those of you not of the Mormon Faith, Primary is where the members of our church ages 3-12 go for two hours each Sunday to be taught more age appropriate lessons. Sunbeams is the youngest class in primary. When a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ refers to their scriptures they are generally referring to the bible, and a triple combinations holding the pearl of great price, the doctrine and covenants, and the Book of Mormon. Those three books are unique to the Mormon Faith. Seminary is a weekly church doctrine class that high school age students attend. Is you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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My high-school scriptures are sitting on a shelf in Miriam's room. I'm afraid to open them for all the reasons you just mentioned :).