Friday, February 22, 2008

No Meat Week Continued

No Meat Week - Day Six

So this little dish was so simple. I made it with penne and then because I was feeling way to lazy to cut the veggies myself frozen stir fry mix. I tossed the cooked noddles and mix with some butter and Parmesan cheese. The kids loved it, it was simple, and really not to bad.

No Meat Week - Day Seven...discontinued

The original plan of the week was to have seven days of no meat. Then the seventh day came. I had the vegetables out and was chopping. My lovely number one came up to me and asked what we were having for dinner. I told him. He got a little frown on his face and said, "But mom my favorites are chicken, roasted beast, and beef." How could I not cook some meat for this child? This is just noddles, green onions, carrots, and chicken. The wantons have mushrooms, chopped green onion, zucchini, and a dab of cream cheese. Well that is all except #1's wantons...those ones are just cream cheese. When it comes to dinner #1 is an oddity. As my belly will attest I love to eat and eat frequently. As my DH weight does not attest he also loves to eat and will eat anything placed before him...and I mean anything. There have been times when an experiment in the kitchen has been a complete failure and I will not indulge but there he is soldiering through the mess. We figured #1 would be like us. He is not. Add cheese sticks and cold cereal to his dinner request and that covers 95% of what he eats. We've tried and continued to try to open his horizons but so far no go. So here it is. My plate is the one on top. #2's plate looks exactly the same only on plastic with slightly smaller portions sizes...not a whole lot smaller though because #2 is just like dad and will muscle her way through anything and then there is the plate of #1. Cheese only wantons, two grapes, lots of chicken, and few pieces of veggies thrown on top that we can argue over but in truth by the time he gets down from the table he'll probably only have consumed one small piece of colored fiber.

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