Sunday, February 17, 2008

Favorite Hair Product

This little bottle is my current favorite hair product. I have curly hair that just loves to be frizzy. Fly away frizzy head should be my middle name. Throughout my life I've tried various different hair sprays, mousses, and gels. Sometimes they have absolutely no affect at all. More often they highlight the curls but clump up and get crispy or make my hair lay flat on my head. Is it any wonder that I prefer my hair straight? When it is straight it is shiny and soft. When it is curly it is either frizzy or crunchy. Unfortunately straightening my hair every day requires time I don't have and would put my head in a split end spiral it probably could never recover from. Recently though I found the Brilliant Brunette series. I LOVE THIS STUFF. First off it smells DELICIOUS! I spend much of my day wanting to sniff my own hair. Secondly it makes my hair a healthy way, not in a you need to wash your hair way. Thirdly it manages to keep the fly aways down, the curls up, and the crunchy hair absent. Oh and fourth you can easily find it at wal-mart or Target. The bummer deal is each bottle is five bucks but I figure compared to the salon that is way cheap and when we are talking about something that makes me this happy...well five dollars is five dollars well spent.

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