Saturday, February 2, 2008

Snow Fun

So I got this idea from a parenting magazine. I realize some of you out there hate parenting magazines. I myself have my own issues with them generally related to the fact that reporters are often misinformed or do not have the skills necessary to pass on health information correctly. Regardless though parenting magazines are a great place to glean activities, especially Wondertime and Family Fun. This idea is totally ripped off from a parenting issue. The mother said she brought in a bucket of snow for her daughter to play with. I put our snow in the sink although I'm sure a bucket or the tub would do just fine. Then I set #1 on it. We've now done this twice and both times he loved it. It is a fun was to extend the snow fun without having to actually be outside freezing your tushie off. We even made a mini snowman with chocolate chips for eyes and his belly button (#1's idea).

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