Sunday, February 10, 2008


It is weird how children just become obsessed with things. My daughter recently had become enamored with her shoes. It started innocently enough one morning when she saw her dad getting ready to walk out the door. She brought me her shoes and with a series of grunts let me know she wanted them on. From those humble beginnings a monster has sprung. Now she must have socks and shoes on at all times. She will bring me her socks and push them in my face. Never mind what I'm doing they must be put on. Then she'll run over to the shoe basket and get her shoes often one at a time so that for a portion of the day she's doing a off kilter wobble to the basket to get the other. Getting them on her though is not the end. Sometimes even then she is not satisfied. Why wear sneakers when you can get mom to put boots on you or yellow socks when you can find purple. You might ask does it really matter is she's wearing shoes...well the answer is yes. Little girls that crawl up legs should not be wearing sneakers!

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