Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Warning...when you are frosting your first cake stiff frosting is probably favorable...oops!


Nancy said...

I've been working at this, too.

Thin icing is actually preferable for spreading on the cake because then you don't get it all crumby (I usually get all crumby)...but yeah, in the tubes you want it thicker. I had the same problem yesterday! :) Too runny--it all smushed together and looked...well...smushy.

How many layers does that cake have? Where'd you find pans like that?

Crys said...

I actually found that set of cake pans at a garage sale for 25 cents. I think I have five of them and if you want to do a wedding cake you just do double of each cake. Fun, fun. I to someday think it would be fun to make a wedding cake. I have no idea why. I'm psycho.

Nancy said...

Hmmm...too bad. My sister just asked me to make her a wedding cake (she's getting married on Feb. 22...I think...) so I don't think I'll be seeing many cake pans at garage sales since it's the dead of winter.

My sister is definitely I even know what I'm doing!