Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tiered Skirt Tutorial

I made this little tiered dress for #2 using the tiered skirt tutorial posted by Kuky Ideas. The dress is completely reversible with the inside being the exact opposite of what you see here. #2 loves the full skirt. She is a big fan of sashaying and also lifting her skirt above her head. Not quite a lady yet :) It was fun because I got to learn how to use my button hole foot on my sewing machine. THAT WAS AWESOME! Also I used my machine to put the buttons on. I didn't even realize you could do that. It was so funny. I like the idea of a skirt though and if I get some time this weekend I'm going to make one out of some teal fabric I have. I think it would go supper cute with the white leggings I made. It is fun to sew when you have a daughter to sew for! Oh Kuky Ideas also has a making a shirred dress tutorial. I didn't even know you could do that but I looked at my sewing machine last night and found I have a stitch for that. I love the internet. It gives you access to all kinds of cool ideas. Thank you internet and thank you Kuky Ideas.

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Summer said...

You have got to stop, you're putting me to shame. I can't believe you JUST taught yourself to sew. You are sewing up a storm. It must be really cold and you've been stuck inside for too long. Awesome stuff! You've done a great job.