Friday, January 18, 2008

Homemade Pasta

Two Christmas ago Dr. J bought me the the Betty Crocker Cook Book. At the time I thought, "Honey do I really need another cook book. I mean I really love them but another one." Well apparently I did. This is the cookbook that is more then just a cookbook. It tells you how to set a table. It clues you in on how long to cook your meat. It lets you know secrets on how to make your cooking better. I LOVE IT. Anyway I've never made homemade pasta but two nights ago thanks to Betty I decided to try. Then I needed something to go with it so we made Chicken Marsala although we just used chicken broth instead of wine. So I guess it was really more Chicken Chicken Broth. Anyway #1 was supper help getting dinner ready. He loved rolling out the pasta and called himself the baker. He name #2 little chef and spent time trying to feed her mushrooms he had cut up himself with a butter knife. He also was a huge fan of smashing the chicken.

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