Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Fool Proof Methodology...or so we thought.

When #1 was born we spent significant amounts of time making sure that he had a routine for going to bed and with the exception of the three months we spent in Jordan when he was in bed with us our plan worked pretty good. Even when he got moved over to the bottom bunk on the bunk bed he would still get in after prayer and lay quietly until he feel asleep. Of course that was all pre little baby #2. That girl can and does scream every night when we put her in bed. It doesn't matter how tired she is, how low her eyelids are, what time it is, the technique we use. No that girl is going to scream. #1 hates it. I think that was spurred his exodus from his room although it is not completely to blame. For the last two weeks the second he can he sneaks out to try and negotiate a stay in our bed. When he is rebuffed he sets himself up in the hallway. We of course put him back in bed but somewhere around two and three the little guys sneaks across our floor and up into bed on dads side. He knows if he sneaks up into mine I'll wake up and send him back. Yesterday the answer hit me. Clear off the top bunk and get him up there. We did and he spent the night in bed, probably because he was to scared to attempt a night descent. Lets hope this is the answer and we don't end up with any broken bones or wet underpants.

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