Saturday, July 18, 2009


Our children killed out TV. First they put high power magnets on it. That pulled the color and we ended up with two huge circles that only had the color green on the screen. For three weeks we've been watching it like that. Then they killed the attached VCR. We think they got a movie stuck and tried to pull it out. The VCR now thinks there is a movie in but when it won't play it shuts the TV off after about ten seconds. It is dead. I remember when we got that TV seven years ago. We'd just gotten married and didn't have a TV. At the time we really didn't need one. With school, work, and a new marriage we were plenty busy :) One weekend though our father in law came into town and asked what sports my husband had watched lately. Dr. J said well not a whole lot, we don't have a TV. Papa Bryant called us from the road the next day to tell us he'd left us a little gift at his sisters. We went by and it was the TV. Since then it has become a part of our family. With our income dates are few and far between but we got a netflix subscription and we have a weekly date night on the couch. Need a Sunday nap, put on a veggie tales and veg out on the couch next the kids. So it was a sad day. What activities can you do without a TV?

Lots of reading. Thank goodness for the library.
Bike rides.
Play at the playground.
Art projects, although this ended in a door covered in stick people when mom had to go nurse the baby.
Dancing to music.
Dress up.
Playing with toys. I don't know why but our kid just don't like their own toys.

It has been ok, although there was one point where Little E wanted to watch a movie and kept screaming, "Plug it in. Plug it in." I have friends that never watch TV but I'll fully admit I miss it. I miss having a second to get something done while the kids watch a movie. I also miss the extra noise. I told Dr. J cleaning the living room up isn't nearly so fun when I don't have some background noise :) Plus there goes our weekend movie night. We watched "Taken" on our portable DVD player last night. Let's just say thrillers aren't nearly so thrilling on nine inches of screen. I think it is time to check out Craigslist.

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