Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Day In The Life...

Dr. J has recently started rotations and so I feel like I've almost entered real life (real life being not school life :) Here is what today looks like

5:00 - The alarm goes off. Dr. J hits snooze. I start nursing Peach.
5:09 - I ask if he is getting up. Yes he says.
5:20 - Peach is moved to her crib so mom and dad can have some alone time.
5:30 - Obviously not a lot of time was needed (TMI I know but this is married life with three kids people). Dr. J hits the shower, I put on work out clothes and go for a quick jog.
5:55 - I come home and pack a quick lunch, Dr. J leaves for the VA Hospital an hour away.
6:00-6:20- I do some light weights.
6:20-6:35 - Shower
6:40 - I crawl back in bed for a twenty minute snooze.
7:00 - Back to nursing Peach.
7:20 - Start yelling at the kids to get out of bed.
7:20-8:10 - Get G Bear, Big E, and Peach dressed, hair done, and teeth brushed.
8:10-8:25 - Feed the kids cinnamon toast, milk, and fruit.
8:25-8:35 - Drive Big E to school. Walk him in since he is still a little wary about the whole thing.
8:40-2:30 - Free time. Wash dishes, mop floor. Read books to G Bear. Organize dresser. Nurse Peach a zillion more times. Check e-mail. Write Blog. Nurse Peach again. Play games with G Bear. Dance to music with G Bear. Make lunch. Load kids into the car to pick up Big E from school.
2:30-3:10 - Drive to school and wait in crazy line with other parents. Unload kids, walk to school doors, pick up E, load kids in car drive home.
3:40-5:30 - Play with E and G. Feed Peach some more.
5:30-6:00 - Start dinner. Dr. J comes home. Wants to go for a bike ride to unwind.
6:00-6:30 - eat
6:30-7:30 - entertain children
7:30-8:30 - Try and wrestle kids into pjs and into bed.
8:30-10:00 - Nurse Peach. Read trashy book. Listen to Dr. J complain about how he can't get anything done because he has to entertain the kids after he gets home (the result of having him watch them Tuesday night while I went to a woman's group).
10 - pass out so I can do it all over again in the morning.

Despite all this I've decided I'm a school mom. I love the schedule. Summer is fun, but you sleep late, you don't eat until nine, don't get dressed until ten, spend all your time at the pool, and never clean your house. School days might be stressful but by 8:35 everyone is dressed, has eaten, and is gone. Chores get done. Meals get made. And you have more time to work on doing cool projects. This week I had some picture printed off. I framed them and hung them up in my living room next to my papyrus of the judgment. They turned out pretty awesome. When I pulled them out at Sam's to check them out, and said, "Cool." The photo lady said, "Oh we loved these. We usually don't make comments about people's pictures, but we all definitely liked these ones." If you are looking for a place to get big prints Sam's is an awesome place to do it. For each 11 by 16 I only paid two dollars and change.


Angi said...

you're right. those are cool pictures. i'll have to remember the spot for my next trip out there. i love them in b/w too.

kami said...

those pictures are awesome because there is so much texture! and i am impressed that you actually get up and shower so early...i am so lazy! my showers are like right before travis gets home from work so i look somewhat decent :)