Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Other Additions

So I realize I've been a little behind on my posting. Several factors have contributed, none of them interesting at all. But here are three more new additions we've taken on in the last few months.
Our patio garden. I knew this year I wouldn't be able to manage a huge garden so I bought this little baby at Sam's. It was missing one of the poles so I got it for half price. I then called the company and they shipped me out the pole. Brilliant! We have seven tomato plants and one cucumber coming out the bottom. We also have four pepper plants and lettuce growing at the top. We've already harvested three peppers and have tons more coming as well as lots of green tomatoes. The only have to water often. With so many plants counting on such a small area of soil for water, they get droopy fast.

Our minivan! I drove a minivan my senior year of high school. At the time I found the experience exceptionally embarrassing. Now I'm a mom with three kids and I love it. We actually bought this one used from my father-n-law's dealership and he drove it out to us. I absolutely love this car. It has tons of go, comfy seats, plenty of room for all of our car seats, and a stow-n-go rear seat (my favorite option). The first time my friend Deane saw me flip the seat at a garage sale she declared me the new garage sale driver. We've used this feature to bring home a much larger dining room table and a really nice dresser. It isn't a truck, but it is a more comfortable next best thing! I should point out this is the same car my younger sister bought last year...yes I totally copied her.
Our dishwasher. My friend Jess sold us her portable dishwasher when she moved out of town. It is nice to have, especially when we have guest but oddly enough I still prefer to wash dishes by hand. I guess that is what seven years of dish washing by hand will get you. I do still love it for disinfecting things though...especially baby bottles or binkies that baby peaches siblings will not leave alone!

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