Monday, July 27, 2009


Today my oldest went to his first day of kindergarten. Last night Dr. J gave him a beautiful father's blessing. He blessed him that he would love learning, that he would be a good example, and that he would have good experiences and make good friends. We then tucked him into bed. Little E asked his dad to cuddle with him and tell him stories about his first day of kindergarten. Of course Dr. J told him he didn't let his mom walk him in. He also told him that he wrote his name in all capitals and the teacher asked him to write it with lower case letters. At this point little E started shaking. He said, "We need to practice doing that. I don't know how to do that." This is of course not completely true. I originally taught him to write his name that way, but when he learned capitals he never wanted to go back. Anyway back to last night he was shaking and asked his dad to cuddle him. This morning he woke up and put his uniform on. I asked him if he wanted to wear shorts. He told me no. I then asked him to come downstairs for breakfast. He told me he didn't want cereal because it would take to long. He then ate raisin bran. It was one of those mornings. After a quick picture, I loaded him up in the car along with G-bear and Peach. We drove to the school and like his dad 25 years before he just jumped out of the car and walked in the doors. To G-bears distress mom instantly started crying. I pulled it together enough to drive home, where the thought of him at school is enough to tear me up. I'm excited for my son but I'm also nervous for him. It seems like all the anxiety I had as a child is now magnified in my parent state. At one point this morning the school called. The conversation went like this. "Hi Mrs ____, this is so-n-so from _____ school, everything is OK." At which point I'm thinking, why are you calling than. "We just wanted to know if Little E would eat a hamburger for lunch. We've asked him but he isn't talking much." "Is he talking at all," I asked? "Well really not a whole lot. He's being rather shy, but don't worry he will start up soon enough." "Well he should eat a hamburger," I tell him. She says, "Great," and hangs up. I start to cry. Dr. J left this morning at 5:50 for the first day of his internal medicine rotation in a town an hour away. I have to say I'm relieved he isn't here to see how hard it is for me not to hoover.


Angi said...

tear... I can't believe our little guy is so grown up. I would have cried too. I almost did just reading about it. :)

kami said...

i almost cried too and i don't even know that little guy! i think i will be a nervous wreck sending my baby to school in 4 years...i bet it comes way too fast!