Friday, January 1, 2010

Coat vs. Car Seat

Coat versus car seat, every mom's dilemma. You wrangle them into coats just to get out to the car and have to wrangle them out again so that they will fit in their car seat. Sure you can put them in with their coats, but be prepared for the riot act on how you are not being safe. It is such a dilemma. I heard you can make little ponchos for the car seats. Sounds fun, I guess. Until then I've just been using Peach's coat as leg warmers. Isn't she a cutie!


allthingsbaird said...

When we had our carseat inspected and installed I asked about the whole putting them in the seat with their coat on. The inspector told us that we should have his coat on. Just to adjust the straps once he's in. But, when he was that small we put a cozy cover over plus had a blanket in there with him and one over the top of the cover just to be safe.

Ivy said...

I hear you...Ramona's coat has turned into a leg warmer, also.