Friday, January 8, 2010

All the Single Ladies

Have you seen the SNL clip with Beyonce and Justin Timberlake dancing to this song? Seriously one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Of course if you didn't see if the first time you may never. There used to be a day of "free information". Do you remember Napster when people downloaded tons of music for free? Do you remember when youtube actually used to have clips and even pieces of shows on it? Now nadda. Copy written stuff if pulled immediately. I get it people, you don't want you struff "stolen" but hello American Idol, you don't post the previous weeks stuff on your show, so if I miss it, I miss it and how can connect with your stupid singers. All I can say is, you are only hurting yourself. Anyway I digress...what I actually wanted to talk about was this single lady.

Dr. J started his OB rotation this hour from home. So we have the two hour daily commute and the fact that OB/Gyn doctors actually do keep oncall know the hours lots of babies are born. Not my kids of course, they like to be born in afternoon, but all the naughty kids are in it for the midnight hours :) Anyway it is a busy rotation, with lots of night on call. I had to mentally prepare myself this week when I saw his schedule. I said, "Ok lady. You are now a single lady again, and your boyfriend is going to be gone a whole heck of a lot." I had a good friend whose husband was an oral maxillary surgeon once tell me, "Expect nothing and then you will be happy with whatever you get." That is the life of a doctor's spouse. It doesn't mean that what I get isn't great. It just means that I have to readjust my expectations, because sadness is expectations unmet. So once again it is time to expect nothing. Hubby home for dinner...don't expect it. Hubby there with you at church...don't expect it. Dates...don't expect them. Hubby there when you sleep at night...don't expect it. Hubby home when you wake up...don't expect it. Hubby able to relieve you of the kids...don't expect it. It is why I have a gym that has babysitting. It is why me being a stay at home mom is an absolute must. It is why every year I consider getting a dog :) Also I've gotten quite good at texting. Because you don't want your phone going off while the doctor is letting you stitch up some woman who is getting a hysterectomy.

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Well, I'm now officially depressed. Meh.