Saturday, October 24, 2009

When I was a kid, an OCD moment

When I was a kid and I would step on a crack with foot A, I would than have to step on a crack with foot B, but with less force so that the feeling I was experiencing on the bottom of foot B would match the feeling I was experiencing on foot A. Sometimes I'd have to step on the line several more times with foot A and B in order to get the feeling "right". When I told Dr. J this last night and asked if he'd ever done something similar he gave me the look that says, "You are a nut ball and do my children have these genes?". What I didn't tell him is that when I said kid, I could have included a year ago...eek! I was thinking about the whole thing because I'd just finished:

Life in Rewind: The Story of a Young Courageous Man Who Persevered over OCD and the Harvard Doctor Who Broke All the Rules to Help Him.

Terry Weible Murphy was the author. Edward E. Zine was the Courageous Man. Michael A. Jenike was the Doctor.

This story was interesting. The writing was decent although the title is misleading. Edward Zine had OCD. It was bad. To find out how bad read the book but for a teaser lets just say a bed covered in green slime. Dr. Michael Jenike started a clinic that deals with OCD. You can tell Terry Murphy thinks he is a saint. Edward and Michael are friend. Michael tried to help Edward. I'm really unclear on what "all the rules were that he broke". I guess the common sense ones? The "establishment"? Well whatever rules, he didn't really help Edward. More like he had to leave Edward because even for him Edward was just to hard to deal with. One day Edward managed himself enough to come back to the functioning world. Both men live intesting lives. The story definitely made me think about mental illness and my own family. The writing is good, but certain things about the organization make me feel just not quite "right" :)

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edward e zine said...

This is Edward zine that's a very nice piece you wrote.You seem to get the way things are.I would look forward to speaking with you.I have alot to offer the world and how i overcame my ocd wasn't put in the book.My way can offer those who need a different approach.The only rules Dr j broke was house visits weren't covered by insurance and The only one is befriending me.I did this book to honor him to show him that even in the darkest times and places someone can have faith and the love shown can make anyone use their own special gift that god put in us which is inner strength ,but its finding the positve person to extract it from you or make you strive to bring it out yourself cause negative people can blur this vision keeping you in a repetitive pattern.These are great days ahead.I think we all dream of world were humanity will rise again.