Friday, October 9, 2009

Worth It

Woke up in Denver: 3:30am. Left Denver: 5am. Ate lunch in Kearney, Nebraska: 11:30am. Nursed at some random rest stop in Iowa: 3:00pm. Listened to kids scream for two hours. Ate dinner in Des Moines with old college roommate: 5:30pm. Left her house and bribed kids with candy and donuts: 8pm. Listened to kids complain for two hours. Propped eyes open with coke: 10pm. Got to central Illinois: 1:30am. Unloaded the kids into beds by myself: 1:45 am. Curled up next to my still sleeping honey who had no idea I wasn't staying in Des Moines last night: 2am.....TOTALLY WORTH IT!

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