Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Me Time

I remember as a young mom thinking that "me time" was a selfish idea. Now I realize it is what makes good parenting possible. My husband asked me this Sunday if I thought I was a good mom. I was honest with him. When I am well rested and happy, than yes I am a good mom. When I am tired, stressed out, irritated with him, whatever, than I am not a good mom. Happy well adjusted mom can roll with the punches. When children misbehave she responds with the appropriate amount of force in a loving manner and takes care of business. Stressed out maladjusted mom freaks out at any little thing and is ineffective and to be honest a meanie head. I don't like being that mom. #1 to keeping mean mom at bay is getting enough sleep. Without enough sleep I really am a witch. If you can't get enough sleep at night take a short nap in the day but make sure your naps aren't so long they are keeping you from getting a good nights sleep. #2 staying fed. Hungry mom is never a happy mom. Don't be embarrassed to keep healthy snacks in your purse just for you. #4 being in love. Making sure things are good with my other half is vital to staying happy with my kids. This means we need to take time to laugh together, talk, and have some "alone" time. In our family this means kicking the kids out of our bed. #3 getting a little me time. This week I rewarded myself with a hair cut and brow wax. My dry hair was driving me nuts and I needed it off. Having someone else message my scalp always makes me feel good. I don't necessarily love the cut, when it is curly it is a little "too curly" but it still made me feel good to spend some time and money on myself. Getting brows waxed it a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck. It feels a lot nicer then slowly plucking all those hairs out, and people actually notice that you have a more "finished" look.


Jessica Bybee said...

So true! I totally agree with all you said! I love love love the haircut and the brow wax... I need to try that!

kami said...

i really like your hair cut! it looks great. good for you for taking some time for yourself!

Angi said...

I love it. You look great.