Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Is a Cleaning Day

This week I've been helping my husband transcribe interviews from his month in Jordan. It is how I put myself through college and while I really hate it, there is always someone who needs it done and I've found myself doing lots of transcription since graduation more then five years ago. There is high demand for the skill and the pay is usually good but when you are doing it as a favor for you husband the monetary pay might not be good but the fringe benefits are excellent. Dr. J decided to keep me motivated he'd offer me a dinner out for every tape I finish. He also stays home and keeps a loose eye on the kids. He transcribes downstairs while they run around him like little banshees and I transcribe four times as fast upstairs. Finally there is the household chores. This week we've really gotten behind. When you are working, your husband is transcribing and trying to finish his proposal, and your kids are being "loosely" watched well your house starts to look unloved pretty fast. Yesterday Dr. J said tomorrow is going to be a cleaning day. And just like he called it today was a cleaning day and Dr. J was leading the charge. Let's just say I like cleaning the house when my husband is helping.

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Nancy said...

I like cleaning when Andrew helps, too. Somehow cleaning is easier to do when you're not the only one doing it. At least, I find.

Hurray for husbands!