Saturday, November 15, 2008

7 Years Today...

As November begins I have to prepare myself for the rush of emotion I feel during all of our "winter anniversaries". Today is the 7 year anniversary of Dr. J and my first date*. Dr. J claims I'm overly sentimental which is why I remember these dates, but the truth is it is so easy to remember because it was exactly 15 days before his birthday the anniversary of our first kiss. Let's just say we had a birthday kiss that went a little too long. What did we do on this momentous occasion...we watched videos on campus my roommates and I had made with our entire ward and then we watched a movie on my couch and held hands. It was all very awkward in the way these things always are. It wasn't the speed of course, I'll be honest, fast was my style**. The awkwardness was just meeting someone new and seeing how you fit. The surprise came when I realized I actually really liked my hubby and I wasn't just getting a kick out of the fact that someone new liked me***, in fact I liked my hubby a lot, and that feeling never went away. Here is to awkward moments on the couch, that led to more awkward moments, that eventually led to true love and eternal bliss!

*When I say date I mean that in a very open sense of the word. It was more just hanging out since let's face it, Dr. J was dating many ladies at the time and he had to make his small cash pile go as far as it could.

**In fact there was an apartment of boys who once made a bet on how many WEEKS they thought my latest fling (not with my hubby) would last.

***Dr. J claims I was in love with him even before I realized I liked him. He's probably right. The only time he came over to my house to study before we had our first date, I kept rubbing his foot with my own foot under the counter. It was really embarrassing because I swear I didn't mean to do it. It just sort of kept happening. Another one of those awkward moments. The same day we got in an argument and I sent him a card to say I was sorry. I've read it. It is puke-o-rific. He still has it tucked away and he calls me the sentimental one. Also that same day I told my roommate I was going to marry him one day to bug her because she thought he was too serious.

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