Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Time

Well election time has come and gone and I took G with me to the polls to fulfill my civic duty. We went at eight thirty and it only took about ten minutes total to make it through the line, vote, and turn in our ballot. President wise it really didn't matter who I voted for, I mean for crying out loud I live in Illinois. I could vote for the person who was definitely going to win the state, or the one who wasn't. The choice was mine but to be honest it didn't matter one single bit. I often wonder how the United States would change if electoral votes went proportionate to the number of people voting for each candidate in a state. I mean on this election it wouldn't have mattered. Eight years with W pretty much made the democratic candidate a shew in but in other elections it might. If you were a republican living in my state I'm sure it would encourage you to vote...or a democrat in Arizona. I mean sure there are some swing states but all the rest of us are stuck by the party that rules our state. Speaking of the party that rules my state...have I ever mentioned how ridiculous my state government is. You want to talk about people who can't get anything done...sheesh. We are basically always in a fight between Springfield who is the capital and Chicago who thinks because of it 's much greater population it should be the capital. We have had more former governors linked with corruption then any place I've ever lived. We have a current governor who besides growing hair seems totally inept and unable to be a team player. We are completely broke and even though our schools are falling apart we are completely incapable of getting people to pass a tax bill to help eduction out. This week they attempted to pass a 1% sales tax increase for education on everything but food, farm equipment, and cars. I know a lot of people are anti tax but it seemed like a decent idea, moving taxes for education away from property tax. It was going to take some of the burden off of property tax and raise a lot of money for our schools, including the money to build in a school in my neighborhood a needed blessing because I live in a state of school of choice, which means you rank your schools and then depending on how close you live to a school and your race you get placed at a school. Basically the way it works out is kids that live closest to schools get a point to go there and kids that are not white get a point to go there. If you are white and don't live close to a school well then good luck. The problem is the kids in my neighborhood don't live close enough to any schools...or I guess I should say the school they live closest to is brand new, but we don't live close enough to get the close to it point so if you are white your chance of getting in are pretty much nil. So you better believe I'm going to put little E's Mexican heritage on the paper but the sad thing is that most kids in my neighborhood end up going to different schools. Which means six buses pick up in my neighborhood everyday and none of the kids know each other very well. What a waste of money. So they proposed this tax and part of the deal was they were going to use the money to build a school in my neighborhood. The land has already been donated they were just waiting for the funding to build. They tried passing a bond to build this school three years ago and of course the voters said no because they didn't want an increase in property tax so they tried something new this year and guess what...IT LOST BY 300 VOTES! Interestingly enough I think quite a few of my friends voted no. I think the rule is if you are republican you just automatically vote no on new taxes :) So who knows my church could be entirely responsible for the failing of this tax. I guess to them it probably doesn't matter either way since most of them will be out of here before their kids start school, but some of us will be here, and for those of us that are we are bummed out. The thing is people always complain about a lack of money for education, but when it comes time to show the money, well few people but the ones who actually have kids in school are willing to do it. There is a reason that in Arizona if they want to pass a bound for a new school they always wait until summer when the snow birds are vacationing else where :)


tweedlediva said...

Yeah, I was pretty upset about the bond, too. Looks like Taylor is probably going to be homeschooled for Kindergarten- I was bused as 45 minutes each way when I was in school, and it is not going to happen to my baby.

michelle said...

We won't be here for school, but I still voted for it. Even my very conservative republican husband voted for it. He said on the way home, "I went against my gut feeling and voted for the tax." He hates taxes, but at least he had some little heart out there for education. How many times will they have to try before they can get a school in the neighborhood?

Brittney Richards said...

I voted yes, but I understood what it was going to be used for. I think other didn't really understand what the purpose was. According to my superintendent, it will probably make it back on the ballot in a couple of years (hopefully), but by then it might not matter much to you. I agree, the education system is pretty pathetic around here.