Thursday, June 19, 2008

CSA - Week Three

2 pints strawberries
1 pint peas
1 1/2 pounds greens
2 heads of beautiful romaine lettuce (not received)

So here is the bummer deal on this week. I was picking up our share along with two other peoples and I had E and G along with our babysitter E. When we got up to Farmer Bobs place he said, "oops I guess I miscounted. Everyone else has gotten 2 heads or romaine lettuce but you guys only get one since I'm out." I was a little miffed at the time but now I'm a little more miffed. I wonder why he did give us an extra thing of peas or something to compensate for the fact. I mean I realize this is organic farming here but how about customer service. When you read the sign and get all excited about getting two heads of lettuce but then only actually get one, well it is a real let down. Then the really ridiculous part of the whole thing, and this is entirely my fault, when I was filling up the bags I somehow managed to forget to put one of those coveted lettuce heads in the bag. So I didn't even get one. It was a real bummer. I'd like to blame it on my disappointment but the truth is I really was just distracted by the kids staring at farmer Bob. Little man E could not get enough of Farmer Bob's beard. He talked about it all night long.

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Brittney Richards said...

That is a bummer about your romaine lettuce heads. You should protest!