Sunday, June 29, 2008

CSA Shares Week 5 and Garden Produce

This week from the CSA we got:
1/4 lb of salad mix (there was a lot less bitter stuff in this one so I quite enjoyed it)
A pint of goose berries (Bitter, but in a good way. When they ripen to purple they are quite good. We've just eaten them plain.)
A pint of cherries (Really bitter, in a not so good way. I dried them and will be adding them to granola.)
Two super yummy sweet onions. We haven't actually eaten any of the bulb yet. I need some green onion for a pizza I made. I just chopped some of the stem and it was so delicious! I just put sliced onions, olives, and stewed tomatoes on top of the sauce, and then covered it with a mozzarellas mix.

A recent garage sale I went to yielded up this prize food dehydrator with all it's pieces, and instructions for three dollars. I asked the couple if it worked since it didn't look like it had ever been used. They said, "Sure we used it one time to dry some parsley." OK then, I bought it. I've been wanting to try it since then and a local sale on peaches for 79 cents a pound was just the excuse I needed. I made a tray of fruit leather and a tray of dried peaches. Neither of them lasted past a second day. DELICIOUS! I canned three quarts and four pints of peaches. So yummy.

Once again we have a garden this year. We planted peas, peppers, both bell and hot, yellow squash, cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes, pumpkin, and tons of onions. Dr. J loves to plant onions. It is all part of our organic plan to keep down on some bugs. Actually we are probably just as organic because of pure laziness and convenience. Who wants to go to the store to get the bug killer and then who wants to keep the kids out of it. I can't keep the kids out of the garden. They always want to be digging things up and watering. Dr. J has also been a huge help in the garden this summer. He is out there every week weeding and watering. I really appreciate it and so do the plants. Here are some of the peas we've gotten. So far I've harvested about four lunch meat containers full. Sugar snaps are so sweet!

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Brittney Richards said...

Wow!! I'm impressed with your peas. So far, we have not harvested anything from our peas. I was out there this morning, and I see a few, so I have some hope