Friday, June 13, 2008

Buy Dockers - Get a Gas Card

I just wanted to let everyone in on a deal we took advantage of today. Until the 15th if you buy $100 of men's Dockers you can send in for a gas card of $75. This deal was perfect for us. Between teaching at the MTC, seminary, normal Sunday church wear, and being a medical student who has to look professional, Dr. J's church pants get a lot of use. Recently we realized he was going to need some new pairs. We looked around but hadn't found anything we were really happy with. This deal was great motivation. We got two pairs of khakis (one light, one dark), a pair of nice gray slacks, and a nice looking blue shirt for 112 dollars (the pretax total has to be over 100). Once we send in for our gas card we will have gotten three pairs of pants and a shirt for $37...basically the price of one pair of pants. I was joking with the cashier on why they don't do deals like this for woman. Apparently though we don't need the extra motivation to go shopping.

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Brittney Richards said...

Fantastic! I actually did that too, and we had about the same result.
Isn't it great to have an excuse to buy your husband some new clothes?