Friday, March 28, 2008

Dairy Free Anyone!

So I'm currently staying in Utah with my baby sister who just had a baby of her own. My little niece has been having some tummy problems and the doctor told my sister to cut all dairy out of her diet. So the second she said that of course we wanted some cake. Guess what though...cake mix has dairy in it. So does granola bars. So do the veggie burgers they eat. Good grief. So we went online to see if there was a good cake recipe using soy milk. Guess what pretty much everything we saw said, "Help my soy milk cake taste gross." So that wasn't really an option. So then I found a recipe for angel food cake. So we made angel food cake. Of course my sister couldn't have any cool whip because the generic she had in her fridge was not dairy. So I guess generics are not always the way to go. Regardless though it was pretty good.

I posted this picture of the kitchen aid because I realized while I was making this cake there is no way that my little hand held mixer could ever spin fast enough to get those egg whites to peak. So next time I have $320 lying twenty years or so this is the mixer I want :)

Oh I also wanted to mention that #1, my little man, wants to be the next David Archuleta. #1 runs all over the house singing songs but most recently he has started making up his own little diddies. While we were eating this dairy free cake in silence he busted out "This is the cake with no milk!" Then he repeated that like three times. When my little sister got ready to leave he started singing, "Don't leave me, don't leave me, don't leave me." And then when they walked out the door he started singing, "They left me!"


Heidi said...

I have to say that the KitchenAid is my favorite kitchen tool... and just a suggestion- we got one that had been refurbished online for half the price of a new one, and most of them are just like new!
The cake looks great!

tweedlediva said...

I'm afraid I have tagged you... see my blog, and blame Jackie!!!

Jackie said...

You have to get a KitchenAid! It is worth the investment. You can also get refurbished ones in the Kitchen store in Tuscola...

Alisa said...

Angel food cake, good solution! Cake is pretty easy to make without dairy. Simply use an oil based recipe and replace any milk with milk alternative (rice, soy, nut, whatever) 1:1. It really has no effect when baking. Here are some great dairy-free dessert recipes with cake recipes too -

In a pinch, many Duncan Hines mixes are made without dairy, but I prefer the mixes from Cherrybrook Kitchen. Also, my favorite dairy-free dessert cookbook is My Sweet Vegan. Awesome stuff.

I hope your sister finds some more great food!