Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chocolate Milk Heaven!

So a certain friend of mine who shall remain nameless mentioned that our potlucks don't have the same multicultural/cosmopolitan feel that she is used to in the bigger city she came from. She's right. Instead of humus and dim sum we often eat corn bread and friend chicken. It is good comforting food that our kids eat (well hopefully eat if we can pry them away from each other and up to the table). To tease her I showed up at our last potluck with biscotti instead of my traditional chocolate chips cookies. Biscotti is simple to make and taste great although Dr. J did question why I didn't just make regular cookies. The man has no vision! I used a recipe similar to this one although mine came out of my kitchen bible...thank you Betty Crocker! I took my little rock hard cookies to my potluck and my friend chocked them down since I made them especially for her. Then another women said, "I wish I had some hot chocolate." EUREKA! Being the non coffee drinker that I am I didn't understand what the point of biscotti was. Now I know. These little gems are like heaven dipped in hot chocolate. Dr. J would claim I am exaggerating. I'M NOT!

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