Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Get Some Cheap Diapers

If you are a new costumer at they will give you 10 off 49. If you spend 49 they will also give you free shipping. Along with that deal they will give you a free issues of Parenting Magazine. Let's say you don't want an issue to Parenting...well then you can click here, send this form in and get a refund of 14.97. My friend Susan did this and then made all her friends do it for her as well. She wanted to stock up on bumgenius 3.0 diapers. Here is how it worked. The diapers cost 17.95 a piece. Three cost 53.85. In order to get the ten dollars to count you have to call or e-mail in, some glitch in their system doesn't register the bumgenius diapers as diapers. If you call in or email their customer service with a referral code they will take it off. Use CESL8294 and get your money off and I get something in my account. So 53.85-10 = 43.85. Send in for the rebate instead of the magazine and you end up with 43.85-14.97 = 28.88/3= 9.62 a diaper. For a cloth diaper that is a GREAT DEAL! Make your family or friends in town buy more for you doing the same deal, use your own referral code and build up a little stock for yourself. Amazing.

Or if you think cloth is so gross and would never do it try this instead.
5 packages of Huggies supreme at 9.99 a pack = 49.95. Free shipping because you are over 49. Subtract the new member discount using my referral code
CESL8294 (or someone in your family). 49.95-10=39.95. Go here and send the parenting magazine thing in for rebate. 39.95-14.97 = 24.98. That is under five dollars a pack for diapers. Then make your mom and mother-in-law do it for you using your referral code and build up cash or points in your own account. Then if you have any manufactures coupons you can send them in here
P.O. Box 1564
Montclair, NJ 07042

and they will credit your account! This is a stinking good deal. If you've never ordered with them I think it is worth it to at least try it out!

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