Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Gym Membership

A year and half ago I got a gym membership. It was wonderful at the time. My hubby was leaving the country and with two small children and winter quickly approaching I didn't know how I'd find the time to exercise. There was free babysitting and classes and for many months I enjoyed it. Today I'm contemplating cancelling it for eight months. It is grossly underutilized and the coffin was nailed down by a glorious temperate day. Because of the time I have to drop my son off I miss my favorite classes, so I'm mainly just running on the tread mill and doing weights. Today I was all ready to go and couldn't find my ipod. The thought of running on the hamster wheel without it was more then I could bare. I looked at the good weather and decided what the heck. Twenty minutes later I had the girls in the double jogger and we were on our way to a park, one we normal would drive to. It was awesome. I did squat jumps and arm presses in the park while daughter 1 played. Daughter 2 was amused to be out. I think I'm Check Spellinghooked. Summer is coming, the pool will be open. Son number 1 will be out of school. Soon the bike trailer will be back together and attached to the bike. For these good months I'm going to take advantage of the natural family time exercise and activity. It will probably make me appreciate the gym more when I return next November!

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Kara said...

Three more weeks until I cancel mine as well. We'll just have to meet up at the park to play. :)