Thursday, May 14, 2009

School Fees

Baby E will be starting school July 23rd. I can't believe my baby will be in Kindergarten. Are you kidding me. When we got to grad school he was just a hope in his mother's heart, now he will be in school. Amazing. Anyway we went to the school yesterday to register him and we had an $80 book fee to pay. I said to Dr. J, "Holy cow! I thought they were going to get cheaper. Now I realize they are just going to get more expensive. What if we had three going into school." Dr. J said, "Just wait until we have to start paying the fees at junior high and high school." And then I said, "Well we are only committed to three at this point...maybe we should just keep it at that :)" And so that is how school fees may have changed our planned family number!


Bleen said...

You could always move to Canada- we didn't have any book fees. Then you could have a whole herd of French-speaking munchkins.

Rachel said...

Our Bottenfield fees got refunded, so just commit to being impoverished the rest of your life and you won't have to worry about book fees, lunch money, or extra-curricular expenses.

Unknown said...

That sucks your state makes you pay for public school. I guess you should move back here to utah;) I haven't had to pay any fees for school they just give you the option to make donations.