Friday, April 17, 2009

Walgreen's RR Deals

There have been some great register rewards deals at Walgreens THIS WEEK. A register reward is a coupon that prints out after you buy a product that can be used at Walgreens for a specific amount. It is kind of like Walgreens money :) Sorry I haven't mentioned them I've just been busy.

18 packs of scrunci's are 2.00 this week and are giving a $2 RR
ChapStick brand ChapStick is 2.00 this month and is giving a $2 RR
The Colgate Max White Toothbrush is 3.50 and giving a $3.50 RR
New Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave is 2.99 this month and is giving a $3.00RR
Unilever products are giving a $6 RR when you buy six. This had included the .99 cent trial sizes of dove or degree deo

This interesting thing about this is that you can actually "roll" RRs if they come from seperate companies. So I can buy scrunchis for $2.00 and then use my 2RR in a different transaction to buy ChapStick, costing me just tax and getting another $2RR. (sometimes you have to throw a filler in...especially in Illinois. They have these pesky little rules where I live about coupons not covering any of the tax.)

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