Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our April 1st Dinner

My friend Jackie put up a challenge for an April 1st dinner that looked like something it wasn't. She apparently usually makes this meatloaf cake. I thought hey that sounds fun so I made meatloaf cupcakes with mash potatoe froasting and pea and corn flowers on top. Then for desert I made a brownie meatloaf frosting mustard and ketchup and ice cream mashpotatoes and carmel gravy :) It was all working off the ideas whe had previously posted. The humorous part is that my friend April did the exact same meal only she made a pie with her meatloaf :) That was fun Jackie. Thanks for the idea. I did something two years ago with breadstick french fries and banana, peanut butter, and gramcracker nuggets. My mom said it looked sick :)

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Jackie said...

Yummy ideas! So how did the kids take to it? I can't tell if #1 is happy or confused about it all. Glad you had fun with it! Oh and don't forget to send your post to spackysgirl AT hotmail DOT com
It'll be fun to see everyone's ideas!