Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two Things I Want!

A certain husband of mine is always saying it is impossible to buy me things because I always buy what I want. For that gentleman I'm posting two objects I covet. Honey do what you like with this knowledge!

I want this Ipod. Now that I run I understand how nice it would be to have an Ipod that clips onto your shirt. Who need TV! That's why I have Netflix. All I want is music so I don't have to listen to election news.

My sister has this chair in her house. Two nights ago when my daughter was screaming from nine to midnight this is where we sat. I LOVE THIS CHAIR! It rocks but it supper light weight and looks way cool. Also the air rest are low enough that they wouldn't cause problem with nursing a baby. No we aren't having a nursing baby anytime soon you just notice these things when you know you aren't finished with your family yet. The kids love this chair and the footstool that comes with it as well. They've been on it the last two days rocking away. I like the fact that they can rock it and I don't have to worry about anyone's fingers getting pinched or run over.


Bridget said...

I LOVE my iPod shuffle. It was originally purchased for Jeremy but I commandeered it and haven't given it back :).

Is that the POANG chair from IKEA? Those never looked comfortable to me, but I admit I've never actually sat in one.

Heidi said...

I love that chair! What kind is it? Where can I find one? :)

Crys said...

Heidi it's from IKEA! I swear if I could care it on the plane with me I would.

Bridget I agree, every time I've seen it in the store I thought who would sit on that. It really does look uncomfortable but I'm telling you that is the only thing that saved me that night when Grace wouldn't sleep. It really is quite nice. I see you are reading the Israeli Lobby. That was definitely an interesting book.